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How to Eliminate Most DMV Visits

How to Eliminate DMV Visits - Line for queue
Steve Thompson Headshot
Steve Thompson
June 3, 2022

Everyone who has visited a DMV office knows how time-consuming it can be to wait until it's your turn in line. Thankfully, with the introduction of kiosks and online DMV services, many of the things that used to be handled in person can now be done without ever setting foot inside a DMV office. Here are a few ways to eliminate most DMV visits.

Find out if you need to visit DMV in the first place

DMV Driving Nevada

One of the most important tips on how to eliminate most DMV visits is to find out as much as you can online about your situation that requires interaction with the agency. The approximate wait times at some DMV offices are published online to help prevent overcrowding. You can also check out how good the customer service is on Yelp for a DMV location near you. Ideally, you should try to avoid in-person visits if the services you need can be done online or at a kiosk.

During the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, there was a need for social distancing, as DMV offices throughout the state took steps to facilitate more online functions. Not only did the pandemic lead to more online activity, but it also created a greater need for DMV kiosks. By 2022 there were nearly 30 kiosks available in the greater Las Vegas metro area.

Use one of DMV's self-help kiosks

It's better to use a self-help kiosk at DMV than to fall for a third-party scam offer online that purports to take care of DMV details for you. Many DMV locations now offer electronic self-help kiosks to help alleviate long lines. There are even off-site DMV locations that provide these modern machines. DMV kiosks can be used for renewing your license or registration as well as reporting address changes, requesting records, and much more.

If you have to visit a DMV office, don’t go during peak days/times

The busiest times at DMV offices are generally from 11 AM - 1:00 PM, so try to avoid going during these hours. You're better off arriving at DMV when it opens in the morning. Other less busy days to visit are Tuesday - Thursday, or the middle of the month. You should avoid going to DMV at the beginning or end of a month, which is when many people get paid so the demand is higher. 

Save time by booking an appointment

Woman booking an appointment

There are plenty of ways to save time if you have to visit a DMV office. Before going to the DMV you can get information, download necessary forms, or make an appointment all from the Nevada DMV website. When you book an appointment, you won't have to wait as long, and in many cases, the wait will be minimal. Just remember to be prepared for the visit by bringing all the necessary documentation and forms. Check the DMV’s website ahead of time to find out what documents you are required to bring with you.  Here are the types of documents that the DMV often requires:

  1. Proof of Identification such as a driver's license, birth certificate, or Social Security card
  2. Proof of US citizenship including a Certificate of Citizenship or Naturalization
  3. Proof of Nevada residence, such as a pay stub or utility bill

Additionally, you should be prepared to pay any fees that are due. The DMV lets you know in the mail what these fees are. You can often also find out this information on the DMV’s website.  If you have to take a driving test, get or renew a license, or do any other transactions you'll most likely have to pay a fee.

How to kill time while waiting at DMV

People using their phones on queue

If you absolutely have to visit the DMV, you can use this time to catch up on those emails that have been stacking up or organize the photos on your phone. You can also read an ebook, watch funny TikTok videos, or listen to a podcast so be sure to bring your earbuds. Although visiting DMV has never been an exciting task, if you have something productive to do it will make your visit more tolerable.


By avoiding physical DMV visits, you'll help reduce traffic and stress while also helping the environment. Although safe driving should always be a priority, if you get into a car crash and are injured be sure to discuss the situation with an experienced legal professional like Sandra Robertson who specializes in auto accidents and can help you win the maximum possible compensation from insurance companies.