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Best Auto Apps to Make Driving More Enjoyable

Best Auto Apps for Drivers - Mobile inside the car
Steve Thompson Headshot
Steve Thompson
February 4, 2022

Like most people, you probably spend a lot of time in your car, either commuting to work, visiting friends and family, or on road trips to fun destinations. Here are the top mobile apps that will make driving more enjoyable and help you keep track of your vehicle maintenance. Most of these apps are available for iOS and Android users.

While on the road, if you've been in a car accident, it helps to work with an experienced and dedicated legal team to help you win the maximum possible settlement.


Waze App

One of the best auto apps to avoid traffic jams is Waze, which sends real-time traffic alerts. Waze will direct you away from the slowdown with rerouting instructions. Using Waze involves these simple steps:

  1. Get told when to leave
  2. Start driving
  3. Get rerouted in real-time

Waze gives you access to a map to plan a trip and get driving directions. Since the app monitors traffic conditions and analyzes patterns, it can tell you the best time to go from point A to B. The Waze brand also provides a separate carpool app called Waze carpool to promote saving money and the planet.


Two versions of the LifeSaver app are designed to serve parents and fleets. Both apps reduce distractions by blocking phone use while driving. Parents can use the app to confirm their child has arrived at the destination safely.

The app lets you explore a satellite map of the United States that gives data around the country on intensity levels of driving distractions. Generally speaking, the highest risks exist in larger metropolitan areas and tourist destinations like New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.


Roadtrippers App

Roadtrippers lets you plan a journey and then use the app's turn-by-turn navigation to guide you to your destination. The app will also help you find valuable stops along the way. Once you sync your app to your mobile phone, you'll have turn-by-turn guidance during every part of the journey.

Roadtrippers is a leading trip-planning app because of its easy-to-use features for tapping into detailed information about businesses along the way. It also has economic value since it will help you estimate gas costs and measure fuel efficiency.


Another excellent tool for planning trips is GasBuddy, which gives you gas prices in various cities around the United States. This app can help you locate the lowest and highest gas prices in a town, creating plenty of cash savings. You'll have access to a wide range of statistics, including changes in weekly gas prices and price predictions.

If you prefer visual data, GasBuddy provides plenty of charts to show various views of the gas market. By checking a graph of the 18-month average retail price of gas, you can clearly understand which direction gas prices are moving. This data is beneficial for self-employed individuals or companies planning business trips.


If you're driving an electric vehicle, knowing where the charging stations are along your trip is essential. PlugShare provides a map of the United States with icons representing charging stations. You can find stations by zooming into city street maps. The app gives details about an establishment, such as location, business hours, and parking.

Plugshare has over 230,000 EV locations in its tracking system. It can give you real-time information on the status of charging stations in terms of availability. The app has many features to make trip planning easier. PlugShare also sells gear and accessories such as stickers, t-shirts, and hats.


BestParking App

Finding a place to park on any journey can sometimes be challenging, but the BestParking app makes the search simple by allowing you to book parking spaces. The app lets you find parking anywhere, but it also allows you to compare parking fees before booking a parking slot.

The process of booking via the app involves only a few clicks. It allows you to reserve a space, prepay, and save up to 50 percent off standard rates. Whether you want to plan your space for the future or find a parking place right away, this app is a valuable time saver and money saver.


How about an app that senses when you need car repairs? That's what FIXD does for all gas-powered cars and trucks built after 1996 and diesel trucks manufactured after 2008. It's a device with a sensor that plugs in under the steering wheel via the OBD2 port, all modern vehicles have. This device sends data to your smartphone app to monitor the condition of your car.

Once you start your vehicle, you simply open the app and tap the "scan" icon, which will begin monitoring your vehicle's condition in real-time. The monthly subscription deal comes with on-call support from FIXD mechanics. You can communicate with a mechanic through the app, which helps you estimate repair costs. The app can tell you the car's history and predict future maintenance issues.


Another helpful auto repair app is RepairPal, which lets you book repair work at a repair shop the brand certifies. The app can give you information on a shop's history, expertise, and customer reviews. You can even get access to actual repair orders in your quest for fair pricing.

Once RepairPal determines a shop meets its criteria, it becomes RepairPal Certified. It's a helpful app for getting repair estimates and researching common car problems based on make and model. The app puts you in touch with troubleshooting information on symptoms and solutions.


drivvo app

Drivvo is an app that puts the driver in control of cost management, whether you drive a car or alternative transportation. The app tracks your driving and fueling history, which you can then analyze from summary reports and charts. It also allows you to schedule reminders.

This app helps you make cost-effective decisions when it comes to fuel management. It tracks your travel mileage, fuel costs, and miles per gallon. While the free version is ad-supported, you can pay for the Pro version to remove ads and have access to technical support when you need it.


Using these auto apps will help you find the most efficient route to your destination, help you keep track of all repairs and maintenance, and make driving more enjoyable.

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